Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Patriot (Felicity's foal)

Sparks Flying (Kaya's foal)

Paint Filly


Steps High (Kaya's Horse)

Penny (Felicity's horse) or; Girl of Today Horse

Jackson (Nicki's horse)

Saige's Horse

Palomino Horse
Western Horse

Chesnut Horse

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Short Story Outfits

from Felicity's New Sister
from A Reward for Josefina

from Kirsten on the Trail

from High Hopes for Addy

from Samantha's Winter Party

from Molly Takes Flight
from Samantha's Blue Bicycle
from Thanks to Josefina

from Kirsten's Promise

from Addy's Summer Place

from Samantha's Special Talent

from Kit's Tree House

from Molly's Puppy Tale

Work Dresses

Felicity's Work Gown

Kirsten's Work Dress
Addy's Work Dress & Pinafore
Samantha's Play Dress & Pinafore
Molly's After-School Outfit

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tennis Outfits

Molly's Tennis Outfit

Tennis Outfit I

Tennis Outfit II

Tennis & Golf Outfit
Tennis Outfit IV

Aquamarine Eyes

Thus far, Caroline is the only doll with this distinctive eye color.

Pin Curls


Marie Grace
JLY 21